Authorisation to Compete and Insurance Indemnity Certificate

The UKRO requires that a named responsible person is identified and able to authorise the team’s entry on behalf of the Chief Fire Officer or Chief Executive.
I hereby confirm that:

  1. The team(s) entered by the Service are authorised to take part in this year’s UKRO Challenge and that the team(s) have been provided with appropriate PPE and RPE that is approved and are permitted to wear.
  2. The team(s) will attend the UKRO Mandatory Educational Workshops in order to obtain maximum benefit from the event.
  3. For the purposes of insurance, the team(s) are deemed to be on official duties whilst attending the Challenge and that the provided insurance is current and covers the team’s entry in the challenge event.
  4. The Service will abide by the rules governing the Challenge. Extrication and Trauma event timetables are combined to ensure there are no conflicting activities for those Services/Organisations who amalgamate their trauma team with their extrication team. Where a Service/Organisation enters more than one trauma team or only enter the Trauma challenge event times will be identified at a later date. The UKRO may not be able to provide places in the Trauma challenge outside of these norms and it is up to the Services/Organisations to identify event times the fit their individual circumstances based on the available information
  5. The Service accepts the terms and conditions of booking set out on the UKRO website.
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